Violence on Television Essay

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Cartoon, Reality, sci-fi, and Horror all these kind of genre of movie contain violence, but the problem is that does violent television programming contribute violent behavior? Can it cause someone to commit a violent act? what I thinking to this question is no, I dont think violent TV shows or movies can cause the aduience to have a violence act. This is 21st centry a little violent is just for entertainment. A lot of people actually prefer the movies with actions and fights, the action just make it better. I'm saying that not everyone like the same types of shows or movies then don't watch it. It all about yourself thinking. If they can understand what wrong and what right, they won't have a violent act. Millions of people view violence in television programming. It is entertainment or news. The viewers do not consider for a moment enacting what they see, the same is true with playing videos games, they are solely for recreation. Like myself I love watching WWE wrastling, not because I want to learn how to beat people up, but because I find that show is really entertaining, I see it like a comedy. People who are fascinated and excited by the violence and other crimes gravitate to particular themselves in them, some for hours each day. Thier absorption with violence reflect thier personality.
It kind of like saying "copycat" crime. The person watches a crime enacted in the detail on television and does the same thing. His decision to do so reflects a mind that has