Violent Language In Miss Loneyhearts

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Miss Loneyhearts Violent language Miss Loneyhearts is actually a man with a female pseudonym. He wrote back to many letters in his advice column in the newspaper. He wants to heal the wounded as they come to him for his feeling of hope and wisdom. Language can be a powerful weapon that can be used to move or manipulate people. Throughout Miss Loneyhearts are examples of language being used as a weapon. Mrs. Doyle is treats her crippled husband carelessly with aggression. Miss Loneyhearts states, “Then took her husband and shook the breath out of him. When he was quiet, she dragged him into the apartment—she goosed him as laughed” (p.47). Mrs. Doyle treats her crippled husband carelessly. Dark humor is present throughout Miss Loneyhearts which makes you question whether it’s something to laugh about or feel empathy. There was a girl who was born without a nose and sat in front of a mirror and cried all day. A part of you would feel pity for her but on another hand it’s a bit humorous and if it does have the effect a sense of guilt follows. The emotions that are felt while reading the grotesque stories are satisfying and rhetoric.
Language is also used as a weapon when Miss Lonelyhearts has a man vs. self conflict. Shike takes everything as a joke like when he said, “Even if he were to have a genuine religious experience it would be personal and so meaningless except to a physiologist.” (p.15). Miss Loneyhearts has an agnostic belief where he uses the influence of god for his art but doesn’t know if he fully accepts god himself. He doesn’t love himself and has a disability to connect with people. The only person he seems to connect with was Mr. Doyle and he was a reason for his death. This relates to one of Jesus’ disciples that ended up