Violent Sports Essay

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Joseph Hopkins
Psy 101.04 3
Prof. Goodwin
8 February 2012
Violent Sports There has been a lot of controversy over the limitations of violent sports across our nation. The two most important sports that may be affected are football and hockey. These are two traditionally rough sports. Each sport has many traditional attributes that date back to the creation of each sport. For example, in hockey the fights are epic, there have always been fist fights and there will continue to be fights. Although some people do not think that these ideals of tackling and checking should be incorporated into these sports. These two sports are just fine the way they are played today and should remain the same for another hundred years. First, I believe that these two sports are intense and actually revolve around the violence that is a part of them. For example, I used to be on the midget football team for Deptford Township. During my experience of a football player there was a lot of contact involved and it was a great deal of fun. I didn’t worry about being hurt or hurting someone because we all had protective gear and we were just kids who wanted to have fun. Some people think that football should have less hitting involved, if this were to happen people who love the sport now may be turned away from it including players of the NFL. Football and hockey are two of America’s greatest and most interesting sports. The key element is that the interesting part, for most fans, is the actual mild hip checking, possible fights, as well as tackling in football. If you were to take away these things the sports would not be the same, they mind as well change the name Hockey as well. While I see the point of possible injuries there are many different precautions and protocols to follow in case of these incidents. For example, in the NFL and many colleges student involved in contact sports take a series of baseline tests. One of these tests is words or designs are flashed to the players and then the players are asked whether they saw designs or words at certain times. Even after they pass this test the first day after they may only ride a bike, the day after they may lift, and the day after that they are put into practice with no contact. Some people idealize that you may be able to develop more skill such as stick handling or skating in hockey without all the hip checking. I firmly disagree with