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Violent videos games are causing a big problem on kids behavior. Video games that contain violence for example, killing or fighting should be removed from the market. This videos are causing a big change "a bad one" on kids behaviors, because they pretend to be the ones in the video games and they start looking for weapons. Parents also have a big responsibility in the case, they should look more closely on what they buy their children. I don't think that they should be playing these games, especially when they destroy their lives psychologically. We should put an end to this NOW! Violent video games do cause aggression. I have done so much research on this topic. They cause you to become aggressive, during and after the game. Young children are playing them now too, a young child's mind is not fully developed yet. When they play these games they can't separate fantasy from reality. They grow up playing these games and getting a reward for causing pain. They think that the only way to get their way is to become violent. I'm not saying they are going to do anything drastic, but playing violent video games does cause some aggression whether it is physical (school fights, bullying) or emotional (bullying). Playing a game that involves killing others and winning the game based on the most people you kill, makes you more tolerant to violence. It may even give you the desire to feel what it is like to really kill or seriously hurt someone.Some kids think of the role model of video games as role models. Based on the character the child could copy everything the he/she does. If the game is violent the child could run around the house acting crazy and pretending to harm other, the main character could also cuss. Bad words from the main character is also what the child copies. Violent games make kids violent because, some people in the world have been victims of murders caused by video games. I think that we should put a minimum to these vile violent games. For example, some young people have killed after playing violent games for hours. In this article Hollywood Life it states, "Yet, no one in the devastated community is any closer to understanding why 20-year-old Adam Lanza would violently murder 26 people, including 20 young children. A new report says that Adam was a very anti-social person, and that he spent hours in his basement lair playing gory video games such as “Call of Duty”, and the walls were decorated with posters of militia and guns." This is an example of what games could cause. This young guy killed so many kids on school which they had nothing to do with Adam. He spend so many hours playing a violent game which cause the death of 26 people. Also, the parents have a big