Essay about Violent T.V

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Entertainment in present day mainly corresponds with television, from reality shows, cartoons, movies, and series, however are they appropriate?. Television is violent and disturbing because of graphic scenes, profanity, and sexuality. the following paragraphs will explain these traits in more detail.

Firstly, some of peoples favorite movies are based off of graphic scenes throughout an entire film, harmless it appears, however recent scientific studies show how violent scenes effects behavior in today's youth. the experiment placed two separate groups of kids in separate rooms. Group A watched a kid pulverizing a doll, and group B watched the same kid having playful interactions with the doll. The conclusion was the groups reflected exactly what was demonstrated in the film. For the youth, violent scenes are transmitted out to society, a reflection of what occurs on t.v. Therefore graphic scenes demonstrate negative effects

Secondly, when one is angry or frustrated, they tend to curse unconsciously, but why do they do this? It is because society deems it necessary. For example, if little Johnny is home watching t.v and eating a bag of potato chips he is also watching t.v shows demonstrating anger and profanity. Now, little Johnny does not know profanity is inappropriate, because evidently, it is casually said on t.v. Now, as he watches more and more he starts to use profanity regularly, whereas, in his undeveloped mind it is how society functions. This indeed, could potentially provide adversity in school, relationships, and jobs, thereby cursing his future. All because... of ''Harmless'' entertainment.

And lastly, sexuality. Although sexual intercourse is enjoyable to some, it is not enjoyable to watch two people engage in it and It is disgusting and vile. The same rule applies to t.v. it is an uncomfortable feeling to watch sexual intercourse on t.v. and would not be appropriate if one were to have relatives and friends over while back-round sexual intercourse is displayed, Especially for youth.…