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Allison Hughes
Kimberly Parker
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Very Important Place
A place I hold very close to me, and call home is California, or more specifically southern California. All my memories of growing up and being with family, give me such a strong sense of nostalgia. Though I may not have lived there now for quite some time, I have never stopped considering it my home. California is an important place to me because it is where all my family is at along with my happiest memories, the beach is my favorite getaway to relax, and the lifestyle is so calm and down-to-earth.
Growing up I was always moving, but the one thing that never changed was where all my family was. Summers and school breaks were always spent in the Golden State. My days were filled with hanging out with cousins in the warm sunshine and fresh air. From playing ‘doctor’ to running around and screaming, playing ‘hide and go seek’, there was never a dull moment at Nana’s house. The aromas coming from the kitchen were always so fresh and warm, while the sizzle from the barbeque could be heard over all the chatter. The long days would turn to long nights, as the sun would slowly set in the distance. All the kids up past bedtime and the adults buzzed of their drinks; the nights would slowly wind down. As a child, family gatherings were fun and exciting. Today, they still are but they also provide an escape from the real world and a time to relax. One of my other favorite getaways is the beach.
Going to the beach for me has always been an escape. Listening to the waves crash on the sand and breathing in the salty air has such a calming sense to it. From long summer days spent at the beach with family, to the hectic, stressful ones when I just need a moment by myself to breathe, it has always brought me back down to earth. Breathtaking San Clemente