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Tyler May
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Tuesday May 6th 2014
Annotated Bibliography

Craddock, Dick. "Inside Windows Live ." . Windows Live , 5 Jan. 2010. Web. . .
Dick Craddock the author of this article is the Group Program Manager for Windows Live Hotmail. The purpose of this article is not to propose an argument. I consider it to be more of an informative article. The article address how Hotmail became what it is today. Explaining how, the free email service was developed by two men Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. Hotmail caught on with the people extremely quickly and in only it’s second year of operation Windows Media affiliated with Microsoft purchased Hotmail. Windows Media used the quickly expanding email service to SPAM viral advertisements to large amounts of users quickly helping Hotmail to turn a profit. The article also explains how Hotmail has maintained to be one of the most popular free email services for over 18 years. The article is an easy read and was very usefull. The only negative aspect of the article is that an employee of the organization wrote it so there might have been a bit of a bias view of the organizations history. The article was relevant to my presentation because Hotmail was one of the first networks to SPAM viral adds to their users.
Nudd, Tim . "10 most viral ads of 2013 ." . AdWeek, 28 May 2013. Web. . .
This article on was written by Tim Nudd is the senior editor of the website and also has wrote for Life magazine. The Article displays the 10 most popular viral ads for the first five months of 2013. The idea of the article of was to inform people about how quickly viral ads spread from user to user. The reason I needed to use this article was that it gave the number of views and shares for specific viral ads for a measurable period of time. Watching all the ads gave me more of an understanding of what it takes to create a successful viral ad. I used the second most popular viral ad “K-Marts Ship My Pants” in my presentation along with the information about the number of views and shares in those five months.
Rick Ferguson, (2008) "Word of mouth and viral marketing: taking the temperature of the hottest trends in marketing", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 25 Iss: 3, pp.179 – 182
The short part Rick Ferguson contributed to The Journal of Consumer Marketing explained the importance of word of mouth in the advertising world. A Viral marketing campaigns success heavily relies on word of mouth and quick circulation of the ad on the Internet. He stressed that all advertising somewhat relies on word of mouth and all ads that get people talking are successful. This is why he believed that viral marketing is becoming more prevalent as our lives become more online. This journal help to reinforce what I already knew about viral marketing making me more confident about the information I was covering in my presentation. It helped me to come to the conclusion that with our lives becoming more online viral marketing will only grow in popularity with advertisers. "Viral Marketing Secrets ." . onbile, 24 Dec. 2012. Web. . .
Viral Marketing Secrets was an extremely helpful article for my presentation. The article discusses what one needs to know when creating a viral ad. The author explains the channels viral ads are most successful in like social medias, articles, blogs, YouTube, video games, podcast and information graphics. Also discussed is the importance on timing the release of your viral ad. Also how free giveaways often help spread the quicker and that you need to make sure it’s easy to share the ad. The article ends by explaining how it’s