Virgin Group Essay

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Business Strategy Unit 7 EDEXEL Level 4

Tutor: Louise Penketh
Manchester College

By Guitola Tiny

Contents Introduction 4 Introduction to Virgin Group 4 Strategy Formulation 5 Virgin Group Smart 6 Stakeholder Map 6 Virgin Group PESTLE 8 Political 9 Technological 9 Environmental 10 Virgin Group Porter’s 5-forces 11 Porter’s 5-forces analysis (Michael Porter (1947)) 11 The Treat of Entry 11 Governmental policies 12 Differentiation 12 Switching cost for buyers 12 The Power of Buyers 12 The Power of Suppliers 12 The Threat of Substitutes 12 Competitive Rivalry 13 Adding value chain (porter value) 14 SWOT 15 Virgin Group SWOT 16
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Therefore there is a need to have in place a methodically, systematic analysis of the stakeholder.

Virgin Group Smart
As an example of planning strategically the Virgin Group thinks thoroughly and follows the SMART objectives between other means of analysis to certify that they are on track to accomplish their objectives, whether to launch a new product, start a new business or for continuous development, expansion, improvements.
I’ve given this example but I must say that most successful companies do sketch some type of SMART that will help them to achieve the designed goals; objective; aims; targets.
On today’s day I can say that more and more this type of analysis is essential as the environment mutates constantly especially now that the Economy is in crisis, that has tremendous consequences and as a result business are suffering setback’s, thus being realistic on proposals can bring a new mean to it, as there are too many uncertainties, and time can be or not an issue depending on the needs, as the demand at this point in time is more related to needs than wants, delaying or even depreciating some products/services as the consumer is aware of economic issues as well