Essay on Virtual Organization System Inventory: Huffman Trucking Company

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Virtual Organization System Inventory
Alicia Aaron
November 10, 2014
Michele Petrone

Huffman Trucking Company
Finance and Accounting
1. Description: This system keeps track of the company's financial transactions. These transaction are summarized, recorded,, and presented in a financial report or statement such as an income statement or balance sheet.
2. Department to use: Accounting
3. Purpose: This system records all accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll and other financial dealings.
4. Connects with: This system is also connected to the Fleet Maintenance System and Enterprise Transportation System.
5. Develop details: It was develop by Smith Systems Consulting to be fairly standard in a F&A Software Program (DBMS).
Sales And Marketing
1. Description: This system focuses on sales and customer support, product and service development, and market research.
2. Department to use: Marketing
3. Purpose: This systems helps the company identify potential customers for their product or service, develop product or service to meet the need of customers, promote and sell product and service and have an ongoing customer support.
4. Connects with: Finance and Logistics (ordering and tracking)
5. Development details: Centralized customer database
1. Description: A software solution to help automate and manage HR, payroll, management and accounting activities.
2. Department to use: Human Resource
3. Purpose: To track employees from an operational and financial perspective.
4. Connects