Essay about Virtual Reality and Neighborhood Association

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In the play Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley. Both the Physical neighborhood and the virtual world introduced the relationship from the child and the parents. The game Neighborhood is a significant symbol for the play, The Neighborhood can be representing in the both virtual and physical world. In the beginning the author introduces the time/place: right now in the virtual reality of a video game or suburbia. This method gives the reader a imagination space to think about the relationship between the virtual and the reality. However I think the virtual and the reality is strongly related to the game, on the other side we can says that the reality and the game is actually the same. I think the central dramatic theme is about dealing with your fears before its too late.

Starting from walkthrough 1, we see that in the virtual world the game is mapped out with levels, zombies, and it virtually mapped out as the reality neighborhood. Introducing the character Makaela, and Trevor are “friends”, on the other hand we can say they are friends because they are connected to play this Neighborhood 3 game. Additionally most of the kids in the real neighbor are connected with this Neighborhood 3 game, and they are all addicted to it. “Makaela: this game’s fucked up it maps out your own Neighborhood how creepy is that”(Walkthrough 1, Makaela, pp17). From this quote we know that the game mapped out as the real neighborhood, which it can emphasis as the similarity between the real neighborhood and the game. Also we have Makaela and Tyler’s parents using money as a symbolic to show their love to the child, this gives us another hint for the relationship from the parents and the child. Neighborhood Association is exists in the both virtual and reality world. This mixed again together with the virtual and the reality world. From the episode 2 we noticed that the conversation between Leslie and Steve they are parents from the other child in the play. Both of the parents realize that their child have been start to addicted to this neighborhood game. “Steve: they run around a Neighborhood that looks very much like ours butchering Zombies who look a whole lot like us” (Walkthrough 2, Steve, pp26). In the game the zombies are protected by the Neighborhood Associations, the difference is the parents in the reality world doesn’t likes the reality Neighborhood Association either. While two of the parents trying to figure out what to do, we can see that even though there are the parents but from the conversation we know that both of them does not have a way to connected with their child. “Steve: I’m a corporate manager I manage people at all levels and when they’re not up to task I just fire them but you know you can’t fire your only kids even when she comes out of her room looking like some kind of monster” (Walkthrough 2, Steve, pp26). Steve as a parent of Chelsea, he don’t know how to hold a conversation with his daughter as shown in the quote he is a corporate manager we can see that they’re in a wealthy family. The fear of not trying anything to stop Chelsea from the computer game brings up Steve starts to see Chelsea as a monster.

“Instead on the nightstand you will see the Glass of Red Wine drink this ”(Walkthrough 3, Walkthrough, pp 32). The Red wine from the walkthrough introduces and the red wine when Vicki serves Kaitlyn, we can see again the relation from the virtual and the reality world. Kaitlyn is Tyler’s ex- girlfriend, and this visit she wants to pick up something from Tyler’s room. From this episode we know that Vickie quit her job to stay home and trying to be a friend type mother type to stay home with her children. This didn’t turn out as good as what she thinks. Vicki claims that when give a lot of privacy to Taylor, but this can be turned out to the indifferent to what her son is up to. When Kaitlyn ask Vicki to take a look to Taylor’s room, Vicki rejects, this can be show as the fear of getting