Essay on Vision for Improving the Achievement of English Language Learners

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Stasia Marie Calderon
English Language Learners
July 1,2011

Vision for Improving the Achievement of English Language Learners
The strength for the required change lies within our teachers if provided with an appropriate infrastructure for success. The vision for improving the achievement of ELL students must include two focus areas: 1.) teacher training workshops to include topics such as: establishing trust and demonstrating compassion; strategies to modify lesson plans for teaching with cultural competence such as enable learning through auditory exchange (a direct necessity for success on the CELDT test); and, 2.) implementation of Data
Teams comprised of the impacted teachers and select administrators to include a component for selfevaluation.
A commonality among ELL students, whether adolescent or adult, is this survival mode mentality. There is a great dynamic behind the life of an ELL student built upon the reality of experienced cultural shock.
How do we train teachers to offer an elevated level of compassion when their perception of ELL students leaves them feeling burdened? Training must be presented by a mixed group of professionals and even
ELL students themselves. Teacher ‘buy-in’ will occur when a positive emotional response is conjured up during training, ultimately motivating the teachers to implement the learned tools. An example of this focus area would be to offer a workshop on differentiated teaching (SDAIE) strategies, illustrating the importance of and then provide the model to modify lesson plans according to content, process and product. Research shows that teachers who uphold the traditional method of teaching, front and center with strong focus on direct lecture, have the lowest test scores. Imagine the success among the teachers when even their own training is provided through use of differentiated teaching strategies-a principle in the effectiveness of adult learning!
The implementation of Data Teams will assist with training integrity and teacher accountability. The art of measuring compassion or…