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Future plan
We have a clear direction, and plan to stick to it
Set two priority

Visitor enjoyment * Concerning from board was under-performance * Analysis shown ½ properties increase and met their target and half did not * Pay more attention and focus on this important measure * Maintaining high standards of care and research that * Raising our game on standard of presentation * Good customer service and quality of our interpretation * Opening to get put door and closer to nature * provide life enriching and enjoyable experiences- they feel they are member of national trust

Volunteer recommendation * Increase number of volunteer- strongly recommends their experience with trust. * Short term – much we do better to manage, communicate with and involve volunteers in organization at our place * Long term – wants different types volunteering for a boarder range of ppl. * give thousands of hours to ensure Groups are managed well and that their members have a fantastic experience of the Trust *

Reducing our energy consumption * It was great that we beat that target and in fact a 16% reduction. * It is because improve the efficiency and partly because of milder winter reducing our heater use * Our ambitions for energy efficiency- reduce the use by 20% by 2020 baseline of 2009 * Half of the energy we consume will come from renewable sources * Planning to install a hydro electric scheme

Membership retention renewal process
In the middle of recession, membership continued to grow and visitor numbers at pay-for-entry places rose by 1.7 million.
Looking at new and innovative ways of bring in funds attracting new member
Dedicated group of very active people
Eg: between friend group, national volunteer groups, centre and association
Our membership grew by 102,027 new members and we reached 4 million members for the first time. We recruited more members than ever – a total of 744,815. This suggests that National Trust membership is seen as good value when money is tight. But many members chose to leave us, most because they felt they were no longer using their membership. This number is too high and we must do more to retain the loyalty of our existing members
Membership was not as high as we had hoped, but it is an experiment we will learn from for future online initiatives. The microsite has now been brought into the National Trust website and membership is free. For more information visit

Health & safety and operational risk management

Increase in