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Modern History of Art
NAME: Jennie Chun
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Date: February 11, 15
TA: Rebekah
Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Title: Les Petites Mendicants (The Little Beggars)
Date: 1890
Material: Oil on canvas

This particular painting was painted by William-Adoplhe Bouguereau in 1890. The title of the painting is called The Little Beggars, which letting audiences to assume that these two young ladies are beggars. However, we can easily notice that the title really contrast with the painting. The image of the painting is really provides the atmosphere of calm, gentle, weak and clean where as audiences can never imagine the title of this painting would be The Little Beggar. But, seems like the two young ladies are begging and wanting to be offered something by the audience. They also seem desperate. The little girl in the front is gently forwarding her hand gently staring towards front. Their clothing and barefoot represents their poorness.

His painting is overall very realistic. The skin tone of the two young girls are well painted. Especially, amazed by the detail of vain of the little girl’s foot in font. William-Adoplhe used varieties of colors in his paintings. He also shows the high quality of light source. Well emerge the difference between the light and the darkness. The color usage of the warm and cold color are well balanced however, mostly dark green and burnt umber. Moreover, using Titanium White for highlights elevate the level of the depth of the painting. Lots of soft lines are used in his technique. Not as much straight lines compare to soft gentle curved lines. Also this usage of lines well worked to show the texture of the clothing and its wrinkles.

The composition of the figures and the background is really well done. He more focused on the