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Day in and Day out
Perseverance and hard work is a key attribute for all athletes no matter what sport. Imagine being pushed to your limit and beyond day in and day out. Every guy at one point wanted to be some kind of professional athlete. Despite the fact that they don’t want to now, they still wanted to be one at a certain time in their life. They might have wanted to be a football player, basketball player or maybe even a baseball player, but do they have what it really takes to become a profession athlete. If you are afraid of getting a couple of broken bones then you should consider another profession. Being a professional athlete means working day in and day out, and I believe that is what this image is displaying. Even after you have torn a muscle or broke a bone, you still have the need to practice and go back out there.
As a kid you’ve always looked up to the famous athletes. While playing peewee football, you always ran the ball like your favorite running backs or had the same jump shot as your favorite basketball player. Hoping and anticipating that one day, you would get your chance at being the greatest. If you think that you would wake up and become part of the elite group of athletes is where most people are mistaken. All athletes start off at the same level as the rest of the world; they just were more motivated to be the best than their competition. New athletes are being made every day; if athletes don’t continue to work harder they could be easily replaced.
One of the worst components of playing sports is the fact that there is almost an absolute chance of getting injured. Just like when you are a kid and your mom tells you not to touch stove because it will burn you. When you touch it, you realize that it really hurts so you never do it again. That’s not how being a professional athlete works. Athletes like Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady are continuously being injured and are continuously coming back.

Reggie Bush suffered from a torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in his left knee. Even though Reggie Bush is an athlete the pain still hurts the same but he is just willing to fight through it if it means that they can get to play. Right now he is excelling in the Detroit Lion, hoping to help lead them to the Superbowl. The perseverance to always come back is what makes the best athletes. When most players come back from an injury, they get scared of being put in the same situation and start playing bad. For example when a football player comes back from an injury, they run away from the tackle to avoid another injury. When a running back runs inside and tries to get as much yards as possible, they are able to put the team in a better position. The player that runs away from tackle ends up losing yards, and the