Visual Analysis Essay On Macbeth

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The point of my paper is to discuss the design choices I have made in my visual representation. The main theme I have chosen to visually represent is the supernatural because it shows how the witches can manipulate people using their dark powers. The text we have been studying is Macbeth (written in 1606) by William Shakespeare is set in Scotland during the medieval times around the 11th century when the Norwegians and Scottish were fighting. In my image I have chosen to use symbolism, layout and language to explore the theme supernatural.

Body paragraph #1:
In this paragraph I have chosen to discuss symbolism because symbols are used to represent ideas such as the ones represented in the play Macbeth. I chose to emphasis the witches which are traditionally represented as being evil and nasty. I drew the witches to symbolise the dark powers that the witches have and how they have the capacity to influence men’s decisions as well as representing Macbeth’s inner evil. I chose to draw the crystal ball which is normally represented as how the supernatural can see into the future. The crystal ball symbolises how the witches have the power to see into the future which is shown in the play when they say to Macbeth on his way home that he will
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The quote I have included in my image is a quote that all the three witches say: “Fair is foul and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air.” The 1st part of the quote “Fair is foul and foul is fair” is put together in a juxtaposition to contrast the effect between the two. This part of the quote means that good is bad and bad is good. The 2nd part of the quote “;hover through the fog and filthy air”, this part of the quote means that the witches have departed in the fog and dirty air waiting for another chance to use their inner evil. As such it is clear how I have used language effectively to help to the ideas expressed in my visual