Visual Analysis on The David Essay

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Michelle Loyola
English III
Visual Analysis

The David

Overview: A nude marble statue that stands fourteen feet tall.
Parts: The position, stature, and direction of the David is important as well as the slingshot and rock that the David is on.
Title: The David. The title helps show who is sculpted, it also helps us understand why David has certain the props.
Interrelationship: The stature of the David shows that David is uneasy (he has the majority of his weight on one foot) and unbalanced. The slingshot helps signify why David is uneasy, since David is about to confront Goliath. The rock that David is on helps show the terrain and background of where David is at.
Conclusion: Michelangelo’s, David tells a biblical story and how David felt before facing Goliath. Although most sculptors in his time showed David after defeating Goliath, Michelangelo wanted to take a different route. Rather than depicting David as young and impotent, Michelangelo wanted to depict David as strong, but unsure. Michelangelo also sculpted David naked to signify the raw feeling of David - anxious and scared to face the giant.

The Last Judgement

Overview: The Last Judgement; a fresco on the wall of the altar that depicts christ with various other people painted.
Parts: Michelangelo paints various important parts into the Last Judgement. You can differentiate the saints, and blessed from the damned. He focuses the fresco on christ, but as well shows demons on the bottom.
Title/Text: The title "The Last Judgement" helps