Essay on Visual Communication Design: How to Design a Soup Can Label

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Unit 1 VCD- Soup Can Label
I will design for a community group.It’s called FAIRY TAIL.It’s an original company producing best quality healthy nutrition.It has a long history about 2 centuries even there’s a legend about the name.Fairy has tail or not,it’s a question.The name make it mystery and attractive.It’s located in Derry in Northern Ireland.
Communicatioon Need:
I’m designing a soup can label.It’s a healthy soup including a lot of nutrition.It’s suit for women. They loved the luxury life,and being beautiful as well as keeping fit.The soup can help them about that,and the soup can also curb people’s appetite so that the women can keep their gorgeous figure.As I said,it’s healthy beacause it includes legumes,grains ,vegetable,protein,vitamins, minerals and fibre.
Purpose: 430524198208117414 1) The label provides information about the product. 2) It’s designed to attract the target audience. 3) It advertises the product to sell.
My intended target audience are women . They can be above 18-30 years old.The women in this age period love luxury life and they are obsessed by keeping themselves beautiful.They love going shopping,and buying a lot of extra nutrition to be healthier.When they go shopping, the best place is the city.Most of the women who are adults can afford the soup as well as the teenagers.Moreover, the soup won’t cost them a lot of money .It’s not very expensive and it’s just healthy food.
The visual communication will be located in the supermarket&health food shops or femail-only gym.It will make audience focus on the centre.The picture in the