Visual Entertainment Media and Its Effect on American Culture Essay

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In what ways have various form of visual entertainment media haped American cultures and its values? I think that it has taken away a lot from when we was growing up and how we was raised up. It shows our kids today that things are so easy to have. for example we are watching the Super Bowl and Bruno Mars was performing they look up to these entertainers and want to be like them but what TV don't show the kids are what these people had to do to get where they are the inside story they only show the after affects once they are successful and have completed their mission. And this sends out false messages to a certain degree. Media makes it look easy and they don't lay out what is behind the scene.

Are the social influences of visual entertainment, media mostly positive or negative? I would say that it can go both ways some can be negative as far as the rap video and the life that they portray on how life is today and its wrong. They listen to these popular singer that they look up to like Jay Z who is well known not only for rap but his professional basketball team but at the same time where did he start from what did he have to do to get where their at was it all positive we don't know and we will never. A Lot of our reality television shows are so negative but they supposed to be real take for instant Basketball Wives I love to look at the show but really life is more then who has this and who has that they values are not real. On the other hand our positive input in