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Vital Keys in Performance Reviews
Carol Allen
April 21, 2014
Denise Holcomb

Vital Keys in Performance Reviews
When Human Resource has a role in making training and development an important part of the department it has to be regularly involved in the process of the performance reviews of all employees. How might that happen? Well there is a need to develop a training and education process to make sure that their goals are met through their employees. It is such an important process when it comes to the health care workforce. It is known that the health care industry is regulated by codes, procedures, and policies that must be followed. The most important reason that stands out the most is their duty to follow the governmental laws to protect themselves from the liability that would harm them and their clients.
However, we look at growth in the medical field the two most important aspects have been and always will be proper training and education. It assures that their day to day duties is done with confidence and done correctly. The first approach to achieving that is by teaching others that process in a procedural way to deliver competent employees.
It is said by Gomez, Balkin, and Cardy (2010) “competencies are characteristics that are associated with successful performances.” The only thing that can and will deliver that is going through the right kind of training and education. The two together have been proven that one could not exist without the other to produce excellent job performance. Human Resource role plays such a vital key when it comes to how, who, when, where, and what type of experience employees receives. The options are sometimes endless but the point is that it must be given in order to come up with the proper training and development to achieve the correct balance. (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2010)
Second, would be the importance of measuring competencies of the staff you have hired or look to hire. Because measuring competency is to address the skill level of the individual and to address who can understand what it would take to be a leader in their field. Job responsibilities come to those who display that ability with an assurance. And that responsibility is given to those who can handle that type of job or assignment efficiently. According to Business Management organizations they are willing to take the risk and invest in the future employees. Those who possess the needed values are rewarded and the company measures out to meeting goals. (Research Paper Factory, 2014)

When we think of the time and money that is invested to create people with the characteristics of having a good performance level is good; but how does this measuring come about to accomplish such a goal? These are the individuals who are so much of the structure of a well organized business