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A. According to the USDA’s “My Pyramid” handout my ideal calorie intake per day is 2,400. Since I don’t get much exercise (less than 30 minutes per day) and I’m between the ages 19-30 years old. In my opinion, this amount of calories suggested may be a bit too high for me. The max calorie intake does not consider other factors such as current body weight or BMI, height, possibly racial background (I’ve read on an article that African-Americans have a higher risk in cardiovascular related issues and stroke), and health related issues (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and the doctor recommended me on a diet to lose weight. This may require me to eat fewer calories, foods rich in fiber, and a strict sodium intake. The USDA should consider this since obesity and diabetes is a major issue in this country.
B. Based on my average chart results, I’m not getting enough grains, vegetables, dairy, and meat per day. To fulfill my grains per day, I would add 2.5 cups of Quaker Oatmeal for my breakfast and continue drinking my favorite Acai smoothie from Robeks. The total grains per day should meet 8 or more ounces as required by USDA. As for the vegetables, I’m near on track on this food group; I would add more vegetables on my salad to meet the requirements. To meet my dairy goals, I would include 1 cup of milk (which I can drink anytime during the day) and 1 cup of fat and sugar free Strawberry Banana yogurt from Jogurt Haus as a dessert after dinner. Lastly to meet my meat goals, I would like to include a half of salmon steak for lunch or dinner which is an additional 2 ounces to my total meat/beans consumption

B osteoporosis
Special Assignment NutritionDefine Type 1 and Type 2 osteoporosis, and explain habits that increase a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis.Type 1 osteoporosis is characterized as post menopausal. Women who are approaching the age of menopause should seriously consider consulting a physician to prepare for the changes her body is about to go through. As estrogen levels taper off, the kidneys start to draw calcium the body needs for normal maintenance of the skeletal frame from the bones, which in turn results in a loss of trabecular calcium. Risks involved with such events include sudden breaks, the vertebrae may begin to disintegrate, teeth may begin to loosen, and fall out. Type 2 osteoporosis is known to happen with age. Although not directly related to hormones like Type 1, Type 2 also results in damage to the skeletal frame. Along with losses of trabecular goes cortical calcium, vertebrae compress cause the spine to form a wedged shape, and hips are often know to break. There are several habits of a lifestyle which contribute to the on set osteoporosis.