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We Will Be What We Eat, Article 4, Set #4 1. For the generation currently moving through middle age and beyond, a new concern is obesity. Government figures show that Americans in their sixties are about ten pounds heavier than people a decade ago. A typical women in her forties weighs 168 pounds compared to a woman in the 1960’s who weighed 143 pounds. But paying attention to what your eating is not just for weight loss. The need of certain vitamins and minerals increase with age like calcium. Calcium is necessary to protect bones. B12 is also needed because some older adult makes less stomach acids required to absorb the vitamin. Vitamin D is also required. If weight is a problem, it's important to cut down on processed food. A health diet at midlife should be focused on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low­and nonfat dairy, legumes, lean meats, and fish. Exercise is also important.
Once a person reaches age fifty, calcium requirements jump from 1,000 mg to 1,200 mg per day. By midlife, adults also need 800 to 1,000 IU of vitamin D to help absorb calcium and prevent diseases. Foods such as salmon and egg yolk are great sources of vitamin D. Lowering high blood pressure before it contributes to the development of heart disease of heart disease can be accomplished with a meal plan called DASH.
DASH diet has the same effects as taking a blood pressure lowering medication. The plan is rich in fruits and vegetables, grains,low fat protein, low saturated fats, and added sugars. Research has proved that type 2 diabetes can be prevented or postponed with a health diet, exercise, and weight loss. Research has also shown that the Mediterranean diet seems to lower the odds of developing cognitive problems.
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● Americans in their…