Vitamins, Why Not? Essays

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Vitamins…. Why not? Since I can remember I have heard from many people and medical professionals that taking too many vitamins was a bad thing. That is nonsense; vitamins are vital to a healthy life style. It’s even in the word vitamins (Vita)- vital. Taking vitamins along with eating only organic plant based super foods will allow you to feel better not only emotionally but physically. When you or a loved one get sick you turn to your local doctor/pharmacy to acquire an antidote to your illness. They look at you for a brief moment and then prescribe you with pills that are supposedly going to cure completely of bring your illness to a stop. But if you do the research you will find out that over a 23-year period more than 2.4 million deaths have occurred due to side effects caused by the drug/pill that was prescribed to the patients. Not only is that an eye opener and you keep researching you will find that there have been 10 non-confirmed alleged deaths from the use of vitamins over that same 23-year period. In conjunction to that it has been said that too much vitamin-C can cause kidney stones. Which is crazy because there have recently been studies shown that cancer patient’s whom have been given up too 100,000 mg of vitamin c daily over a period of time have been cured of there cancer. Not only can we stop these diseases by taking vitamins and eating right, we can reverse these diseases. You are what you eat. If you want to eat fat unhealthy foods you are going to