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Viva La Vida Explication Essay The theme presented in the song “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay who exposes the point of view of a leader who was to foolish and dishonest to rule. The lyrics illustrate a vivid picture of the leader’s thoughts toward his questionable reign. The narrator uses figurative language which is accompanied with allusions to historical events. The song ultimately reveals how the king came to rule and eventually fell because of his lack of knowledge because he acted foolishly.
To begin with, the narrators first line of the song “I used to rule the world” and the second line “Seas would rise as I gave the word” are referencing to the past during the biblical era when Moses parted the Red Sea and known as a leader of God’s chosen people. I believe the narrator used this allusion to vividly illustrate how much power he had during his reign.
However specific diction such as “used to” explains that the ruler has fallen. In addition, the sixth line of the song “Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes” demonstrates the magnificent power he or she possessed that actually frightened opponents.
Another allusion embedded within the song is “Revolutionaries wait, for my head on a silver plate” which also refers back to the biblical time period when John the Baptist was beheaded by King Herod in order to keep a promise to his angry niece Salome. Salome wanted
John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter. Also, it represents that “Revolutionaries” are waiting for the leader’s rule to ends or die. Therefore they can establish another monarch or shift to another form of government.
Additionally, “Never an honest word but that was when I ruled the world” is not an

allusion but still reveals how the king fell because of his lack of honesty to the people. This line is included