Viviana Corona Research Paper

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Hi, My name is Viviana Corona. Do you know what it takes to be a hero? Heroes come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. There’s big ones. There’s small ones. There’s fake ones and there’s real ones. A hero is someone who is willing to be selfless in bad situations and willing to risk their own life so that another person might live to see another day. In my opinion, my mother is my hero. I consider my mom as my hero because she’s always been motivating me, and she has done everything she can do to give a good, and healthy life. She crossed the border of America. The only way that she she could do it was being stuffed in a car in the passenger's leg room when she was pregnant with me. So, every day that passes by, I always tell her, “I love you mom” because she did all of that just so that I wouldn’t have to suffer that much in Mexico. That is why I consider my mom as my hero. …show more content…
The land of the dreams the land of the golden opportunity, and the land of freedom would not have existed today if it weren’t for George Washington- the man who led the american colonies into a freedom war against the British. He is the founding father of America and he had his ideas and goals very straight -freedom from the tyrannical rules of the British. He rooted the idea of freedom in the minds of Americans, and today, freedom is what every person in the world seeks when they think of America. He set the golden rules and formed the government of the US and we know how the country then zoomed ahead on the path of success, and that is why we should always remember George Washington as a hero of the