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Somalia, known as the Horn of Africa and to me known as my home, is not known for it's cold temperatures. In fact in written records it has never snowed over there, and the temperatures rarely come close or never get to the freezing point. With me growing up there and not seeing much or any of the outside world, you can imagine my reaction to seeing snow for the first time. So you can probably guess that my most vivid childhood memory would be about seeing snow for the first time. When we first came to America, landing and stepping out of the plane into the New York airport for the first time, i immediately noticed the sudden change of temperature from the warm and cozy plane to stepping into the frigid air of New York in Mid-February. The freezing temperatures wasn’t what boggled my mind, more than the sight in front of me, which was white fluffy looking stuff that covered almost everywhere, except for the runway which was shuffled to the side. At first i was amazed at how breathtaking the sight in front of us was, but then i started to get confused and had a lot of question that i wanted someone to answer start popping up in my head; like “what was this stuff called?” “where did it come from?” how did it come to be, how was it made?” “who had made it, and how did the cover it all over the city?” These questions where nagging at me so I had to ask someone, so i turned to my dad, who had done a lot of traveling, so he might know what this stuff was. When I asked him all the questions one after another he chuckled at how confused I was. He told me to slow down and ask the questions one by one. After drowning my dad’s ear with questions, I found out some needed information on what is found out was called “barrf” in Somali or snow in English, and how it was a type of weather