Vivien Thomas's Life During The Great Depression

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If you were going to have dream and then it was crushed. In this story a two guys save one girl’s life. Eileen Saxon was going to dying she only weighted 9 pounds as weak as she was her nail blue and her lips too. She was born with a condition of the heart which was starving with her oxygen that made some of her body parts blue. To see it she had only little time to live. At that time she was only ONE years old. Before that happen a named Vivien Thomas lost his life savings because the Great Depression hit the united states of America. It took all of the people’s money who put their money in the bank. Because the of the Great Depression hit causing jobs to be no more effecting people to have no money Vivien was one of them. Thomas worked as carpentry so that lead him to be not going to college.Thomas was desperate for a job. His search led him to the office of a brash and brilliant young doctor named Alfred Blalock at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. …show more content…
So Thomas lost his life saving and could not attend college because of that he could not go to college later in life a man named Dr. Alfred Blalock was about to change that. Because Blalock and Thomas met, Thomas stared to work for him then a letter to Blalock was surprising to him. He was offered a position at John’s Hopkins he wouldn’t take it unless Thomas could go with him. There they met a women named Helen Taussig she was the first female pediatric cardiologist was the first female in the US She had already saved