Vladimir Nabokov: Unattainable Love in Lolita Essay

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Unattainable love in Lolita Nowadays, everyone in our society is out to find their one and only true love. Some may find their true love in high school; some may find their true love when they are elderly, but there will always be someone out there for everyone, it just takes some effort. Today, we see true love on television shows, in movies, and in books. For example, Romeo and Juliet, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, and Jack and Rose from “Titanic”. Love is never easy; it takes time, compromising, and devotion. In the novel, the protagonist, Humbert Humbert, is blindsided by his obsession with Lolita. The love he has for Lolita is purely an infatuation and will not last. Humbert Humbert believes that he truly loves this young girl and …show more content…
Nabokov says, “When Humbert takes Lolita to the candy store he kisses her neck when he puts her in the car and she replies, “don’t drool on me”. He replies “I am sorry I have grown quite fond of you. She replies “well I am sort of fond of you” (Nabokov 115). Lolita may be fond of Humbert but not in the same way as Humbert is fond of her. Lolita is still a nymphet and she is still growing and maturing. No real relationship can develop with these two characters. All in all, no true love is apparent between the two. Moving on, there are no genuine feelings between these two characters. Lolita needs to mature before she would even be able to develop the feelings that Humbert has for her. Lolita took a liking to Humbert at first but then she just played with his head. Megerle says, “Although very early on she had a crush on Humbert, he knows a bit of foolery in imitation of some fake romance.” She is never physically aroused by him” (Megerle 343). Humbert knows she does not truly like him and never will. He is aroused by the fact that it is wrong. Lolita likes to act in spur of the moment. When something new comes along that she takes a liking to, she will move on from Humbert Humbert. This is ultimately a temporary phase in Lolita’s young life. Lolita is corrupted by this maddened man and she will forever be scarred. Lolita says, “I was a daisy fresh girl and look what you've done to me” (Nabokov 234). Lolita is no longer the sweet and innocent girl