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Vincent N Tanui
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING PROGRAM Drug and alcohol testing is aviation has increased safety environment within the aviation industry. One of the biggest issue in aviation know is alcohol and drug use which needs a great concentration. Coming to work with hangover or under strong medication, either given to by your doctor for certain condition or just enjoying being high, is something aviation mechanics should think about it very carefully. Me working as an aircraft mechanic for private company in the military department, which gets contract from the government to build military helicopters, l have seen and heard fellow mechanics talk about their friends who usually get high and comes to work. The drug users are known and they were allowed to work on the aircraft, they were allowed to do things like daily maintenance. It is a procedure we do at work before the aircraft goes for initial flight. Drug testing is not a requirement in department because it is not a commercial aircraft which I disagree. I think everybody in aviation industry working as mechanic or has the privilege of dealing with critical situation on an aircraft should be tested randomly for drug use. An incident happen at work about a year ago, where one of our co worker was known for using drugs, and coming to work. He was in and out of rehab many time, which to my opinion they exceed their care for him. One day he came to work so high, even when spoke it was hard to under what he was saying. Late during the night he took one of the company cars and drove it outside, mind this he was still high and the management new about, but they did not take any action to send him home. The individual went out and he got into an accident, he hit a stop and got stuck under the car, he drove around with sign drugging around the parking lot not knowing he had something under the car. He was eventually stopped by the company security, who called the management office. And when asked what happen, it was all like dream to him because he could not explain himself. After the incident he was fired for misuse of company time, not even driving while he was high on drugs was brought up, only because he is not required to take a drug taste. At work they have found people overdose, and pass out in the bathrooms stall, which in shock they were never tested of drug use, but because they are known for being drug users. This kind of situation is something which is very critical in aviation industry. I think our management should go and try to fight for random drug test for our facility, to ensure every single employee is leaving up to the standard of all the safety regulation being preached to us every single day at work. I have