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Mia Robinson
August 21, 2014
Once upon a time in a land not too far away, New York City to be exact, there lived a very opulent family called the Penningtons. The Pennington family consisted of a mother, Joan, a father, Scott, and two children, Madeline and Mason. Joan and Scott were both very dour parents and did not let their children attend anything that was not on their list of approved social events. Madeline and Mason both attend Kensington Private School where only the most prestigious students are accepted. Madeline fits in perfectly there, she has many friends and loves everything about the school. However, Mason is the misfit child of the family. His long shaggy hair is considered unkempt by the other boys of the school that wear their hair slicked back everyday. Unlike most of the men in his family, Mason does not always show great fortitude when he's up against big problems in his life, and he’s very tentative when it comes to making decisions. Despite all of this, one day he decides to go home once again and approach his parents, very warily, with his request to leave Kensington. His parents continue to reiterate that they believe Mason’s poor mind is just too pliable by the people he sees on tv and he needs to pay more attention to the young men at his school that carry themselves with higher levels of class than them. As Mason just stands and gapes at them because he can’t believe that they won’t even consider it, they just sit at the dining room table completely stolid. This is usually the part where he would stomp away feeling bereft of a happy childhood, but today was different, today he finally found that courage that he never thought he had. However, he wanted to be insidious, he didn’t want his parents…