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Vocabulary 3 Abby Liver was a normal sixteen year old girl. She was tall and tenuous with long blonde hair. She loved to be with her best friends Isabel, Lilly, and Bianca. Unlike her three best friends Abby was a single and she had an abominate feeling toward this. It was a Thursday afternoon and Abby was half listening to her best friends talk about all the exciting things they plan on doing with their boyfriends this weekend. Right then Abby slipped in a vitriolic comment about her “sad sorry love life,” all the girls laughed and commiserated with her for a second. They assured her she will find someone sooner or later, she always believed that there were better things to come. She just had to keep her sangfroid and ignore her proclivity to over analyze the situation. Plus, there were more important things in life than a boy right? That is what Abby told herself as she got into her car and drove back home. Upon entering her house Abby kicked off her shoes and ran straight to the kitchen. There she grabbed and snack and walked up to her room. Abby threw herself on to her bed and wrapped up in all her blankets as if she had to expiate with it for not being there all day. Just as she began to relax and close her eyes for a quick cat nap, Abby’s phone began to ring. Abby looked at the screen and saw that it was Lilly calling. “Hello” Abby said with a sleepy tone. “Hey I have something really important to tell you.” Lilly replied in a circuitous way. Lilly’s tone made Abby unsure of what she was going to say next. “Yes?” she said nervously. “So I just got off the phone with Jason and he said that Tyler Far was telling the football team about how cute he thinks you are and how he’s going to try to talk to you tomorrow in chemistry!” Lilly said in a ferment way. Abby was speechless. Tyler Far the tall, dark, handsome and not to mention absolutely gorgeous varsity quarterback thinks she was cute?! “Abby… your silence is making me nervous. Do you not think he’s cute or something?” Lilly breaks the silence. “No! I am shocked that is all!” Abby replied in a more noncommittal tone than she wanted. “He is so cute, I am just not sure how to react because of the inadvertent amount of attention I get from guys, especially ones like him.” Lilly immediately chimed in, “Abby you’re a smart, funny girl. He obviously likes what he is seeing so far and you didn’t even realize he was paying attention. I enjoin you just forget I told you this and keep being yourself.” Lilly was always really good with her words and that’s one of the many things Abby loved about her. The two girls giggled and continued to talk for a little bit longer than Abby said “Well I should get going on my homework. Thanks for the good news! I will talk to you tomorrow!” “Okay bye Abby, I am excited for you!” Abby ended the call and took a second to reflect on the phone call she just had. She got the urge to call Bianca and Isabell but then she thought that may peculate the information she just received so instead she pulled out her math binder and began doing her homework.
So… let’s expedite to the good part of the story.
It seemed as though each block dragged on so long until finally it was third block, chemistry time. Abby sat down next to a boy she had never seen before. He looked one of those kids that was seditious and too cool for school