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September 5th 2013 (9th Grade Assignment)
Standards: LACC.910.RL.2.4 LACC.910.RI.2.4
Focus lesson of the day: Authors Purpose Main Idea
Reading 180/ Townsend book (blue)
1) Review HW
2) Review vocabulary worksheet
3) Complete check your understanding pg. 75-77 (1-10)
4) Complete check your understanding pg. 77-79 (1-10)
5) Read 180 book pg. 20-21. Take the word challenge (1-10)

10th Grade Assignment
Read Townsend book
1. Vocabulary in context pg. 21-25
2. Read 26 1-10
3. Comp pg. 27 1-10
4. Read pg. 28 Antonym, check understanding pg. 28-29 1-3 pg. 30 4-10
5. Review 28-30 w/ answers
6. Vocabulary worksheets
7. Read night watch pg. 41 ans. Ques. Pg. 41-44

September 9th, 2013 (9th grade assignment)
Reading 180/ Townsend book (blue)
I Do: Whole group instruction, review, vocab, context clues
We Do: Create Centers/Groups
You Do: Practice 4 pg. 81-83. Review test 2 pg. 86-87
Really good things 90-92
Learning goal: SWBAT- understand synonyms to find the meaning of unknown words

!0th grade assignment
I Do: Whole group instruction
We Do: Review vocabulary words context clues. 45-49 create groups
You Do: Read vocabulary in context pg. 57 answer questions 1-5 online learning (Townsend)
September 10th, 2013 (9th grade assignment)
Reading 180/ Townsend book (blue) I do: Review story All Good Things pg. 90-92
We Do: Group Activities (Quiz) main idea, online learning
You do: Complete discussion questions 1-4 page 95
10th grade assignment
Read Townsend Book
I do: review context clues pg. 45-49
We do: vocabulary quiz group activities online learning
You do: Read & take notes on Ch. 2 main idea (pg. 57-59)

September 11th 2013 (9th grade assignment)
Reading 180/Townsend book (blue)
I do
We do: complete discussion question 1-4 pg. 95
You do: complete main ideas context clues and online learning
Writing Prompt: How do you think 9/11 has changed America?

10th Grade assignment
I do: review context clues (45-49)

September 12th 2013 (9th grade assignment)
Reading 180/Townsend book (Blue)
I do: review project requirements discuss essential questions
We do: complete main idea context clues
You do: complete green book activity pg. 28-31
Write a different title
What can we conclude
I do: Vocabulary words (power point)
We do: recognize main idea pg.60-61
You do: create VIS for vocabulary words

September 17th 2013
Killer plagues
I do: read and discuss a killer without a cure. Discuss importance of CDC
We do: Townsend vocabulary via power point
You do: complete sequence of events pg. 39
Centers- author’s purpose. Vocabulary skills Townsend blue book
10th grade assignment
I do: vocabulary review
We do: recognizing main idea pg. 60-61
You do: centers- online prep via Townsend
VIS chart completion using vocabulary words

September 20th 2013
Warm up: how many words can you make out of “believe in yourself”
I do: review vocabulary. Introduce SRI and read 180 online
We do: vocabulary quiz/online learning
You do: read your book silently-15 min (DEAR)
10th grade assignment
Library day 
1) Vocabulary quiz
2) Library visit

September 23rd 2013(9th grade assignment)
Warm up: brain teaser
(Word scramble. 1-10)
I do: introduce vocab Ch. 4 vocab. Discuss the Black Death
We do: small group activities (MI) read 180- online learning vocabulary this Ch. 4 VIS
You do: independent reading 15 minutes complete guided reading act
10th grade assignment
I do: explain and present Ch. 4 vocab via power point
We do: SRI on computer small groups learning activity… finding the main idea pg. 95-98
You do: complete this main idea by adding (3) supporting details MI- gun violence has many negative views in America.

September 24th 2013 9th grade assignment
Warm up: brain teaser (11-20)
(Word scramble)
I do: review/discuss MI and supporting details
We do: group rotation (main idea)