Vocabulary Death Of A Salesman Essay

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Death of a Salesman:

PART A: There are 16 words listed below that you may be unfamiliar with. Using the given page number, look up each word in Death of a Salesman and refresh your memory of each word’s context. See if you can figure out the meaning of each word by reading the sentence aloud and by using the context clues in the book. If the meaning of the word is unclear after re-reading the text, use a dictionary to help you. Write down the correct definition in the space given next to each term.

simonize把…擦亮;给…打蜡(pp.19) to shine or polish to a high sheen, esp. with wax.

idealist (23) a visionary or impractical person.

anemic患贫血症的,贫血的(32) suffering from anemia.

scandalized使震惊;诽谤;使愤慨(38) reduce the area of (a fore-and-aft sail) by lowering the head or raising the boom.

laconic简洁的,简明的(41) (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.

trepidation恐惧;惊恐;忧虑;颤抖(41) a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen or trembling motion.

rollicking申斥;责骂(49) exuberantly lively and amusing.

imbue灌输;使感染;使渗透(52) inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality.

fob表袋;短表链及其饰物(52) a chain attached to a watch for carrying in a waistcoat or waistband pocket. a small ornament attached to a watch chain. a small pocket for carrying a watch.

pawned (53) deposit (an object) with a pawnbroker as security for money lent.

evasively (54) elusive or evanescent

philandering (57) feasible可行的;可能的;可实行的(63) possible to do easily or conveniently.

candidly坦白地;率直地;直率而诚恳地(92) free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge;straightforward

raucous沙哑的;刺耳的;粗声的(98) making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.

elegiacally (135)

PART B: Next, write an anecdote, letter or journal entry that incorporates at least 10 of the vocabulary words above. Your writing may be silly or serious, but you must the piece cannot be nonsensical. Underline each word as you use it.
As Chinese New Year is coming on Wednesday, I have lots of sweet memories of the preparation of Chinese New Year. Before, Chinese New Year, we always went to my grandma’s house. Because my grandma was anemic, we had to help her simonize the windows. My grandma lived in the 5th floor, trepidation came to my mind all the time when I…