Essay on Vocabulary Development

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Constructing Meaning Susan L. Wright
Grand Canyon University: EED475
November 18, 2012

Constructing Meaning
|Strategy |Activity |Assessment |
|Inferencing |Make predictions through illustrations, chapter |Decide if predictions can be substantiated |
| |titles, and headings | |
|Familiarizing with Vocabulary |Identify unfamiliar words; Define through |Observe student during the process to ensure correct use |
| |context clues, dictionary or glossary. |of strategy. |
|Summarizing |Discuss what student learned from reading the | Story mapping or write a summary in journal |
| |text | |
|Question Generating |Have students write questions in journal after |Look for appropriate answers to the questions |
| |predicting; before they read | |
|Visualizing |Have students identify words that promote images|Draw a picture of a selected character of scene in the |
| |in their head |text |
|Recognizing story structure |Identify the characters, setting, problem etc… |Fill out story map |
|Activating prior knowledge |Ask what student knows about topic |Self to text, world to text, or text to text connection |
| | |worksheet |
|Monitoring Comprehension |Reread when something doesn’t make sense |Have student identify what helped clarify meaning |
|Think Aloud |Stop after reading a part of text; model asking |Invite students to do the same activity |
| |yourself questions | |
|Main Idea |Discuss main idea; the point the author wants to|Observe, after reading discuss the main idea in small |
| |make. Use a familiar text as an example |groups. Check for understanding. |
|Fix-up |Student explains misunderstanding, classmates |Student answers to questions |
| |ask questions to help clarify |