Vocabulary Essay About The Universe

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Shaw, Travis
Ms. Rhude
H English Per. 2
Vocabulary Essay #4 I do not write this to flaunt my thoughts, though one may unfortunately conclude so by the end. I write this rather not to teach you, Ms. Rhude, how to do something that is cool, but to teach you of something that is very…very…cool, and will last longer than any trick, any fad, described in another’s vocabulary essay.
To say the abilities of the human body are plenary is to make an untoward claim stating the magnitude of the universe as finite. Humans, like stars, vary in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Stars are spawned from Nebulae, sources of origin that consist of the components used to form stars in accordance to the nature of the origin, just as humans each are born from an origin, providing each with the qualities of that origin upon conception. But without stars, humans, nor any other matter in the universe, would exist as it does now.
It is from the death of stars and the shambolic journey of the remaining stardust that life and all visible matter spawns. However, among the first few billion but not so halcyon years of the universe, an unimaginable surge of supernovas, gamma rays, and massive collisions gave way to the subsequent event involving the destruction of a large majority of the produced stardust, an event of abrogation of which only the thoroughly unscathed remain.
The rationale of such an event can only be described as an example of the survival of the fittest. After all, it is