Essay on Vocations and Living the Christian Lifestyle

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What was the high of the vacation and why?
My high over the vacation would be I went back to HONGKONG, where is the place that I came from. I spent my time with my little brother and my mom.
What was the low of the vacation and why?
I didn’t get to count down for the coming of 2015 since I had a fever that day and everybody was out except for my own.
What were the connection and most meaningful encounter with God?
The most meaningful encounter and moment for me with God was
My mom was sick.

1. We have to accepting the journey in a unknown places, to pursuing God’s calling and following the star which is our dream.
2. I have followed a star, God and family are the power that give me the energy to keep moving and going, as long as is following my truth believe and faith.

Objections: making meaning of our life and discovering how we can live an authentic Christian Lifestyle so that we can become women of depth.
Reflection Question:
1. What struck you the most and why in reading Section part 1
The process and meaning about baptism and how we connected to God through it
2. How do you feel when others ask what you’re planning to do with your life? How do you respond?
I was feeling lose and stress since I have not decide what I am going to major in yet. However, I would probably respond them I had a full plan and yearn that I planned to reach in the future.
3. What main choices and challenge do you face in preparing to live on your own? What are your biggest concerns and fears about this?
The biggest choices and issue that I am facing right now is definitely college.

Part one Vocations: Finding your path in Life
Finding Your Way:
Human experience + Christian Tradition + help guide discernment
Activity: Write down insights you wish you’d had before you entered high school about each of the following:
I should have had work hard in the sophomore year
Choose carefully
Manage my time
Staying out from trouble
Organize my homework
Be more active to join
If your older self could counsel you or you had a visit with your older wiser self years from now-what thing would you ask or want to know
I think I will want to meet myself in the ago of 25. Since it would be the best year of my life, and I will finish my collage and start my own career. I will have a supportive boyfriend that all my family will be approved and happy about. I will tell her that does not forget what to be thankful for. What is the most important to you now?
Do you want to go back to high school?
Who end it up to be my best friend?
Who am I going to marry
Life Choices
To choose wisely in life you need to understand what each life choices and involves
Life Choices are those important decision that determine your life’s direction
The purpose of learning about Vocations is to discern purpose and direction in life
Key term: Meaning of life-Why are you here? You main mission and purpose
Vocation- calling and commitment to a special way of life

22 Jan 2015
High and Low when we seen God and why and how
The high would be to know that my Mom and my brother are coming on February.
The Low is the waiting of the news for application
What struck the most since the last class we are together
Dr. Pill’s trip, not only because it was the first time we can go on the TV but also the story and moments between those family.
How you connects to the Dr. Pill
I connect to the trip through the connection and moments that the two family had. The love they have for another is strong and powerful.
Word, phrase, image the most meaningful in Part II
Why are you here?
Our lives begins and end with the mystery of God’s love
Our heart are restless until they rest with us
God is always with you, never
Love is essential full human living
To forgive oneself in loving
Love is everything
Without love there is no meaning and no purpose in our life
Love is a basis human need
We need to survive emotionally, spiritually
Feeling love
Love therefore is powerful
Love, therefore is the answer