Voices of Women: History and Evolution of Women’s Literature Essay

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LIT2100 – Women’s Literature


Unit 1 – Gender and the Woman’s Experience

Unit 2 – History and the Influence of Women on Literature

Unit 3 – The Woman Speaking Through Literature

It seems to me that women have always been given the shaft when it came to well simply living! I mean I can understand the need to write in an “imaginary” sort of way, after all who wants to really read about the reality of what is going on in our life? The idea that we are forced into roles that many of us really don’t want, for example take Virginia Woolf, I can imagine her wanting to be with a woman but being forced by society to comply and marry a man, how does that not take a toll on one’s mental health. I can relate to that, I can relate to having to write in my journal growing up about imaginary characters because I knew my mother wouldn’t understand and would not approve first of all of my writing about our business in the first place. The idea of having a journal growing up was unheard of in my culture, we are thought that children are to be seen not heard; therefore you sort of grow up in the shadows of what is going on in your house. Women in Hispanic culture are given so little voice that we struggle to find a place to belong, we create worlds that we wish we could escape too, or maybe that was just me? I know that because my own house was such a place of horrors that I knew that I wanted to be able to find