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Steve Daniels IT/242 VoIP case study 1/15/2013

The case study that I chose was done by Nextiva on a high-end building materials company that goes by the name Tabarka Studio. This company was operating on a legacy system that was really impeded the function and profitability of this company as well as the professionalism of its staff.


This is the most important part of the upgrade from their old system to the new VoIP system. The company on their old system could only hold two callers at a time and had a bad habit of dropped calls and a hard time getting callers to the right department or extension. With the VoIP they are able to answer all phone calls and eliminate the busy signal people would get while the two lines they had were tied up. The customer calling in would also have the ability to go direct to their desired department with the automated menu. If they are unable to reach the person they are looking for the voicemail system would allow the intended contact to now check their voicemail with their smart phone with out having to be in the office. And the last thing that changed is the hold system instead of just getting the black no sound while on hold their will be music playing which will let you know that you are still on hold and not sitting on the phone waiting for nothing.


The profit of this company while there was no data in the case study must have gone up with this new system. The system itself saved the company sixty percent of the old system and allows one hundred percent better customer service. Whit these two elements combined it stands that the