Voip Implementation Essay

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VoIP Project
Curtis Harris
Reddy Urimindi


Introduction 3 Overview 3 Project Plan 4 Project Dependencies 6 System Constraints 8 Risk Assessment 9 The Network 9 Personnel Training 11 Project Closure 12

This project plan represents a general collection of processes and procedures covering the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution for a fictitious customer. The purpose of this document is to define a VoIP project plan proposal to provide a customer with a comprehensive plan outlining the details, stakeholders, and time-frames for the defined project scope. I have developed the project plan in conjunction with the customer to identify implementation objectives and
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There are issues to consider, such as, what will happen to calls that come into the company after hours? For a sales call center, do I want to route calls equitably, or have them routed to my top closer first? Or, a company may fail to plan for servicing calls that are forwarded by the intended recipient and the destination extension is not picked up, which voicemail receives the call? Are there hunt groups to be set up? Even more common is for a business to look to deploy a solution knowing that these features exist but without properly planning each feature (TMCNET).
Each employee’s phone should be considered for each feature that they have with their current system, and which of VoIP’s new features should be made available to them. These are just a few of the questions that typically merit consideration; however, it is smart to employ a service provider of VoIP services who has already implemented these services elsewhere and can help quickly build an effective template for calls so that they will be routed throughout the business (TMCNET).
Project Dependencies
A site survey will need to be performed. A site survey is a means of collecting the information that will be needed to help nail down the scope of work from a technical level. Use of appropriate technologies such as firewall implementation, VLAN, DHCP, QoS, DiffServ, etc... will be determined by the data collected in this step