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Geography of Volleyball The sport is played with 6 people on each team, each team getting three contacts every time they are in possession of the ball. Games are played to twenty-five. In 1895 these rules would not have described the game of Volleyball. In fact, it was not even called volleyball. The Director of Physical Education of the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts was William G Morgan and also the first person to write down the rules of volleyball. Only it was called Mintonette. Originally, the sport was created to be a less exhausting sport than basketball. It is a mixture of basketball, tennis, handball, and baseball. But how did the rules change so much into the sport it is today? In the past, there were allowed to be as many people on the court as a team wanted. Along with this, the rules stated that each side could touch the ball as many times as needed before they sent the ball back over the net. This caused games to be extremely long because points were only able to be scored off of a serve and games were played to 15. Later, the rules were changed so that games were not played to 15, but to 25. Because games were so long, teams scored a point every time the ball dropped on the opponents’ side of the net. More techniques were developed (bump, set, and spike) to make the game more of a system and to go more quickly. Not only were the rules different for the general game of volleyball, there were specific rules just for men and women. For example, women were allowed to catch the ball before sending it back over the net in order to prevent hurting their fingers. But today, the only difference in rules for men and women is the net height. Men’s nets are 1.4 inches taller than women’s nets which stand at a height of 7’4”. Today, volleyball is a worldwide sport. Military personnel were the primary players of volleyball for a long time by playing it in their spare time and teaching it to the locals. Eventually, the