Voltaire: Political Philosophy and Controversial Opinions Voltaire Essay

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Controversial Opinions Voltaire wrote a very entertaining book involving many political figures, writers, and critics of his time. Voltaire was not surprised to find out that after he released his novel, there were many who were absolutely appalled by his belligerence in writing and total disregard for opinion. Though Voltaire may have written this story in humor, with little actual mal-intension for those he depicted he was still criminalized for quite a fair amount of time. During the times of Voltaire, opinions in which discredited the name of someone who was some sort of authoritative power was not only frowned upon, but it also could of gotten you killed, Fortunately Voltaire escaped this fate. In present day, the United States is generally a safe haven for open opinions about world leaders, even political leaders in the United States. However, Despite Americas adaptation to allow for its citizens to speak freely on subjects regarding the government (aside from over throwing the Government) there are still very many third world countries who are totally appalled by its citizens slandering its name, and many times many still result in death. Present day, Circa 2014, there are many people around you, and for every two people who agree with your views there are another 5 who disagree with them, creating many debates, which may in present tense be cause for a headache but in actuality is very good in the final outcome to benefit the people as a whole. Personal I have a distain for all politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike. Governors, Senators, and representatives alike, I don’t like any of them. Politics in The United States has become lost its purpose. The initial idea was for politicians to come together and collaborate about ideas that will result in progression for the people they are representing. Politicians today nothing more than figure heads, and it would be unfair to say that no longer have a voice, but it is more than true to say politicians no longer use their voice. The truth is that I have only lived in this…