Volume and Grams Essay

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Calculating Density
Follow these steps in order to solve the following problems
*you will be graded on showing the work as well as the answer*
* the points that will be awarded for each problem are listed off to the side*

Sample A metal bar has a mass of 10 grams and a volume of 5 mL. Calculate the density
Problem of that metal bar.

1 pt Step #1: Write out the formula. D = M ÷ V

2 pts Step #2: Write out the numbers that D = ? You have been given M = 10 grams In the problem V = 5 milliliter

2 pts Step #3: Replace the letters in the equation D = 10 grams / 5 milliliter With the numbers that you Know from the problem.

1 pt Step #4: Solve the problem and write your answer D = 2 grams/milliliter You may abbreviate the units D = 2 g/mL

**Notice that you are only awarded 1 point for the answer and 4 points for the other work. This needs to be done so we can see where mistakes are made in the event that you get the wrong answer.**

Solve the following problems in your composition book. Title the page “Calculating Density” Show ALL steps like the sample above!! Place this sheet in the center of your folder.

1. If 96.5 grams of gold has a volume of 5 cm3 , what is the density of that gold?

2. If 96.5 grams of aluminum has a volume of 35 cm3 , what is the density of the aluminum?

3. If the volume of a diamond is 0.5 cm3 and its mass is 7 grams, what is the density of that diamond?

4. What is the density of a plastic bracelet that has a volume of 4 cm3 and a mass of 3.12 grams?

5. What is the…