Essay on Voluntary Euthanasia

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“Should Euthanasia be put into action in the U.S.?”
One day in January 1983 in Missouri, Nancy Cruzan lost control of her car leading to a crash, when the paramedics arrived, they were able to restore her breathing and heart rate. After waking up in the hospital, Nancy Cruzan had to be surgically fed by a gastronomy tube. After a few years her reflexes to sound and painful stimuli became unresponsive. This was the cause of brain degeneration and irreversible muscle or tendon damage. She wasn’t able to swallow food or water for her daily needs. Nancy laid in a vegetative state even though she had told her housemate, if sick or injured, she would not want to continue her life. Unless she could live “at least halfway normal.” Then there a question developed, it was if she had the “right to die” instead of suffering pain. Euthanasia is the practice of killing life prematurely in order to end suffering and pain. Euthanasia falls into two main categories, Voluntary and Involuntary. Voluntary Euthanasia is when the person whose life is being taken away has given permission to end his or her life. On the other hand, involuntary Euthanasia is when the person whose life is being taken away hasn’t given permission to end his or her life and sometimes forced to die. Legalizing Euthanasia in the U.S. has become a controversial topic over the years and people have different beliefs, perspectives of this topic. I think Euthanasia should be legalized in the U.S. because, of ending life at a point when it had “lost all quality” to stop pain and suffering.
One reason that I think Euthanasia should be legalized is that, its ending someone’s or something’s life to stop its pain and suffering. Since we know Euthanasia is ending life to stop suffering ad pain, thus, some people don’t want to suffer in order to live. This is an example of Voluntary Euthanasia because, it includes the permission of the person whose life is being taken from. At Hemlock Society, workers “get calls daily from desperate people who are looking for someone like Jack Kevorkian to end their lives which have lost all quality”. This shows how many people are desperately suffering to just live their lives which lost all quality. Instead of suffering, people want to put an end to their lives, to make their lives easier. This practice is the most active field of research in bioethics today. Euthanasia is even legalized in Montana, Oregon and the state of Washington. I believe in legalizing Euthanasia in the U.S.
Another reason, why I think Euthanasia because people have a protected liberty interest of when to end their lives, when needed. This is called the “right to die”. Since a “terminally ill person has a protected liberty interest I choosing to end intolerable suffering by bringing about his or her own death”. This explains that people have a protected freedom of interest in whether or not to end their lives. “A state’s categorized ban on physician assistance to suicide, as applied to be competent, terminally ill patients who wish to avoid unendurable pain and hasten…