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Volunteer Application

I want to volunteer for my summer job as an intern at TX Presby.

I have always been interested in a career in science, especially in the medical sciences, perhaps as a physician. My interest in this line of work stems from the fact that I will be working on one of the most rewarding careers one can have, helping others and being rewarded for it.

Working in the hospital allows me to see the type of environment I will be working in when I get older, as well as to test myself to see if I have the discipline to work with the sick/injured people under highly demanding work environment . Even though I began volunteering at the hospital to meet a requirement for Science Honor Society, I now see that volunteering is rewarding to experience the joy of a day’s work, a place of camaraderie to make new friends with people who want to help others just as I do, and it is a way for me to look at my future and see that I will be helping others. It is not just spending time out of the house after school and during the summer, but an adventure that I will treasure forever.
Clinical rotations experiences

Dealt with 2 MRSA patients, observed treatment, isolation procedures, performed basic CNA procedures
PT: Helped transfer Alzheimer’s patient, CNA procedures. Helped transport female patient with tibia and fibula stress fractures
Radiology: observed CT scans and MRI, learned basics of how to find abnormalities in CT scans and MRIs