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Volunteers are used in many organizations both non-profit and profit in America.
Using the volunteers, organizations save countless funding and resources. Volunteers can be seen in positions from the volunteer firefighter service to a teaching assistant at your local school. Volunteers have a record of demonstrated service to the nation in many fields. It is impossible to overemphasize the quality, quantity, and value of service made by American volunteerism. Without volunteers, many organizations would not be able to offer services which impact social services, aid, child protective services, and other social services which assist not only those at the local level, but the state and federal levels as well (Autry,1992) The military is a large contributor to the volunteer force and this researcher was a recipient of the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award, Executive Order 12830, signed by President George Walker Bush established the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

Volunteers in Non-Profit Organizations Growing up in a Middle-class family in Pittsburgh, my parents instilled many moral, value and ethical based factors in my up brining. My Grandmother Mary was influential on how I viewed the world, what I thought about people, and what I needed to know how to think about others who simply did not look like me. In the 60’s, I have, to be honest, many of my friends did not have African American friends (like I did), many of my friends did not have to work at a young age (12) and to be honest, they did not help others, like I did. Working selling the Valley News Dispatch in the local hospital, I had it made. I made friends and often, I read to the patients who could not read the paper. I had one friend who remembered me until her death and sent me a birthday gift every year. Understanding this paper is at the Doctoral level, I thought my input above was useful to display how one becomes a volunteer and why one volunteer.
Non Profit organizations rely on volunteers to survive. They are the backbone, and often the core of the structural of the organization. Volunteers promote, support and provide the leadership necessary for future growth and fulfillment of nonprofit organizations. Dedicating your time as a volunteer is beneficial and one can benefit both on a professional and personal level. As a mentor with the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), I share the knowledge of the Occupational Safety and Health field and my career to advance those looking to join that career path. Those in professional careers such as educators, lawyers, physicians, and other professioanl fields have opportunities to build new alliances and partnerships, network, professional development, practice skills outside your current job responsibilities and mentor the youth of America.
As a hiring manager within the FDA, often the resume is looked at closely for past volunteering experiences the applicant may have previously had. Americans' volunteer spirit is so strong that it's beginning to play an important role in the job selection process. Candidates considering a corporation might view its work in the community as a factor in their decision to apply for or accept a job. Hiring managers who review resumes may be more inclined to consider the volunteer involvements of candidates. (Finney, M. (1997). Companies may not be able to pay fees associated with a volunteering project such as Operation Smiles, Doctors Without Borders or airfares to Guatemala to assist Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage, but they can support community involvement and encourage employee volunteerism in other ways. Managers at Citibank and Warner-Lambert function as information clearinghouses to give employees ideas and directions they can pursue on their own. "I increasingly see employees step forward to say, 'I would like to do more,,'" says Paul M. Ostergard, President of the Citicorp Foundation. "I spend a great deal of my time making