Volunteer: Nursing and Community Health Nurses Essay

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Camille Denise D. Nucum TFN

1NU03 Sir Dela Cruz

“ The Role of Volunteer Nurses in the present Philippine health care situation”

First question is why do nurses volunteer? a volunteer is someone who works for a community or for the benefit of the environment, primarily because they choose to do so.” Im likely see that this definition closely matches why I chose nursing in the first place. There are some reasons why nurses do this voluntarily and without their profits involve only just for the sake of having experience serve as imparting knowledges to other people. These are the main reasons:Using your skills to help others. Nurses often have specialized skills and knowledge that can benefit a wide array of people. To keep the resume going. If you lose your job or are just starting out as a nurse, what better way to improve your resume than serving others? If you are a new nurse, a volunteer opportunity offers the "experience" that hiring personnel are looking for. A sense of self. I can think of no better feeling of satisfaction than helping others each day. To make a positive impact on the community as a whole, To demonstrate to your children the importance of giving to others. Further, theres` a lot of opportunities available for nurses alike, Peace Corps/Missionary Work, Mentorship to a nursing student, School Nurse, Hospice, Nursing Home, and Volunteer to teach classes with community help organizations (Alcoholic Anonymous, abuse victim groups, YMCAs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H.) Thus, there`s nothing wrong to be a volunteer nurse but a contrast that nurses situation here in the Philippines was unlikely to other countries such United States of America and European countries that can always get a job right away after graduated. Since, the situation Thinking about living permanently in the Philippines? there are a lot of factors consider need to be knowledgeable about, and out of them is the health care in the Philippines. Nurses come up with the idea of being a volunteer as community health nurses; in this health professionals and advocates fight against common diseases; they understand that poverty causes such preventable diseases in this country. In many cases, these community health nurses receive no salaries, and rely mainly on contributions from support groups and communities to sustain health services, trainings, and other operational costs. In one hearing by the senate concerning a bunch of nurses confirmed in the country that most of them paying for hospital to have work experience and and certificate. They called this volunteerism for a fee. It also benefits the nurse what they are interested in is to get a work,certification which can be used for local employment or for abroad, it was said issues the Dr. Teresita Barcelo the president of Philippine Nurses Association. Some of the hospital here in the Philippines accept this of collecting payments from the new RN`s provision of experiences and training that doesn`t have the complete knowledge for the profession. The senate discovered this tactics of hospitals, the root of a reason for all newly grad nurses is the overpopulation in the Philippines. A thought of a senators is to limit the supply of the number of nursing students entering nursing schools. That`s why capacity of some other nursing schools at this time doesn`t accept and offer a nursing course. In a way Like any other third-world country, the Philippines have been struggling in some one of it is illegal drug use. A lot of Filipinos are addicted to prohibited drugs. However, the Philippine government has dealt with this issue and although there are still some recorded incidents of drug abuse, the number of drug dependents in the Philippines has gradually decreased. A role of nurses here is to dealt with the clients to support them and impart knowledge to seek a new overview against addiction voluntarily. One major health issue in the Philippines, is malnutrition. There have been