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Volunteer Opportunities

While researching different volunteer opportunities available in Tulsa Oklahoma, I stumbled upon ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) . I love my dog and hate to see animals malnourished and mistreated, so this looked like an opportunity to volunteer that I would definitely be interested in helping out with. Some of the volunteer opportunities they are being a foster home to an animal, staffing the petsmart adoption center, picking up donations or delivering them and bathing/ grooming animals. I worked at a grooming shop called Hairy Beasts back in 2004 and learned the basics to bathing and grooming animals, so I understand how to help out with that. I also don’t have to work right now and just go to school 3 nights a week, so my time to volunteer is not a problem. I would say I could commit to helping 10 hours a week with picking up donations or helping out with staffing at the petsmart adoption center. This organization is a very good one for animals without a home and provides animal lovers the opportunity to take in an animal that may otherwise go hungry or be put to sleep. ARF has a foster program where individuals can take care of animals up for adoption until they are placed in a loving home. They also provide services such as dog bathing/ grooming. This organization gives animals a second chance to be taken in by a nurturing family, when they may have come from the streets or an abusive owner.
I also am interested in volunteering at the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. The day center really depends on volunteers for assistance with the homeless in need. They offer a lot of different areas to help out in, some examples are clothing room workers storage room