Essay on Voting Rules

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A Better Way to Vote.

I’m interested in this topic because what we experienced as a country during our last presidential election is unacceptable. We had people who queued all day just to cast a vote, while people in third world countries spend just minutes to vote. Others had to miss work just to spend the whole day at the voting stations only to be turned back that the time is over.
The thing is that voting has always had issues in this country. But for the first time we saw what election controlled by partisan leaders can do to the common man who have to suffer in the course of exercising their rights. What make it even more badly is that leaders can change rules in the middle of the elections which end up disorienting voters. When did the leaders become more important than the people who do the voting? I thought these laws are supposed to be made and maintained to serve the good purpose of the common citizen. Seem like I’m wrong. When a leader in Ohio openly says that they are going to change rules so that they can keep other citizen from voting, that is being unpatriotic to the rights of other citizens.
I think this need to be set straight. I think we should have a national law for voting especially when it comes to national elections. I think there should be a bill introduced which set forth days for voting, what form of ID’s needed and they should stipulate certain days for early voting national which will help settle all this disputes that arise when partisan