Voting Should Be Compulsory In America Essay

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Some people believe voting should be mandatory in America while others do not. Mandatory voting is not only essential to America but to other countries as well. Noah Berlatsky, author of “Why You Should Be Legally Required to Vote” says that in the past presidential election, only approximately 36.4 percent of Americans voted in the election. This means that less than half of the people in America voted. If this keeps happening, the voting rates will decrease and sooner or later the only people voting will be those who do not pay attention to the election. If this country required their citizens to vote, there would be a better turnout in the next presidential election. Voting should be mandatory in America because it makes elections more …show more content…
Many people pay attention to the election but do not want to vote. If this keeps happening, more people will stop voting and the election would not be as reliable. Berlatsky points out that by not voting, the system is even less responsive. This means that by not voting, less people will pay attention to the election therefore making the government not as dependable. Many people complain about how they do not like the government and its electors while at the same time they do not do anything to change it. If people spent the time and effort to vote, they would not only have a higher chance of getting the elector they want but would also help make the government more valid. Compulsory voting not only helps voting rates increase, but it would also make people pay more attention to what is going on in the election. American citizens will learn more about the electors and would choose the best choice rather than voting randomly. Waleed Aly, a politics lecturer at Monash University states how Donald J. Trump won despite having persuaded only a quarter of the American electorate to support him” (Voting Should Be Mandatory). American elections are not legitimate anymore because electors are winning even when they do not have as many electorates supporting