Voyage: High School and Piscine Molitor Patel Essay

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Ui“Why do people move? what makes them uproot and leave everything they’ve know for a great unknown beyond the horizon? Why climb this mount everest of formalities that makes you feel like a beggar? Why enter this jungle of foreignness where everything is new, strange and difficult?
The answer is the same the world over: people move in hope of a better life.”
Piscine Molitor Patel
Life of Pi
My name is Jesse and I was born and raised as a child in the land of Alagaesia. I don’t know my father and my mother is constantly moving from city to city. I haven't been able to stay in the same school for longer than a single winter. It was a little hard to learn subjects when you’re always a new student starting in the middle of a year. I had to learn fast or people would think I was dumb, I also had to make friends quickly which I was getting very good at. After three winters and 6 different schools we made a very big move across the sea to an island known to the locals and Sharktooth Island. When I thought of an island I thought of grass shacks, and palmtrees. Once I got there I noticed it wasn’t very different from Alagaesia. I also thought that moving would cease because an island is only so big. But I was wrong I went to my third year of school and stayed there for only about 2 months. While there I learned a lot of new things about this island, like a new game they call chase master. I also noticed the subjects they were teaching was were already taught to me in my previous schools, so they thought I was a whiz.
After three schools in the same community I entered what they called intermediate school. I was a class clown and got kicked out almost every day because my friend and I were a disturbance to the in class. The good thing is I was fortunate enough able to stay in that school until I had to entered high school, the