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Battle of the Evil Bacteria Mycoplasma

Written By: Christine Rhoades
HS130, Section 02
Unit 4 Assignment
May 11, 2014

Good mourning everyone, today we are off on a wondrous journey through the “Human Body”. Our wonderful “Professor Dryden” will be transforming us into tiny particles and we will be travelling in submarines disguised as natural body fighting Antigens, and we are going on location to battle the evil perpetrator “Bacteria”. Prepare yourselves, as we dwell in the un-known depths of Christine’s body.

The Professor suddenly zaps the class in one blast, and instantaneously tiny particles are gathered in microscopic submarines and genetically camouflaged and injected undetected into Christine’s body. Groups of tiny submarines lay submerged in the Femoral Vein camouflaged into fighting Antigens, awaiting patiently to begin their journey.

(Suddenly loud alarm bells go off.)

Urgent Alert! The body’s internal alarm system has been activated.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Calling all Antigens! Class that’s us, “It is Bacteria Fighting Time!”

(Small speech from the teacher): “Today we embark on our biggest mission yet, as we bravely set out to conquer one of our biggest enemies, “The Bacteria”. We have just received a dire distress call from Christine’s body, “The Bacteria” has penetrated through the body’s defense system and has been detected at the Lower Lobe of the Right Lung, where its evil infection has begun to spread. We will travel through many dark unknown realms of the body. Along with us, a top secret weapon has been given to ensure our win in this battle. This weapon will be revealed later. We will enter through the Femoral Vein of the right Thigh. It is here our Journey begins.”

(In the Femoral Vein) Antigens, we begin our travels close to the outer layer of the surface, once we reach an area where many more veins become available. We will then split off into groups in order to take the enemy from all sides.

As we travel down many paths, some down Veins, others down Arteries, we each shall strive to find a way to get the evil “Bacteria” destroy it and get back out undetected. Some of us may travel through the Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery encountering such things as the Lymph Nodes and the Skin of the Groin, some may travel through the Superficial Epigastric Artery interacting with the Skin of the Abdominal Wall. Some will be set out against the External Pudenal Arteries and battle against the impossibilities of the Skin of the Lower Abdomen and the External Genitalia. Some Antigens will travel through the Profunda Femoris Artery, fear not this large structure for which you travel. This is the largest branch of the Femoral Artery which supplies the Hip Joint and many Muscles in the Thigh. The remainder of the brave Antigens, shall travel through the deep Genicular Artery to the farthest ends of the Thigh Muscles and to connecting nerves around the joint of the Knee. Some of us will be successful on this journey others may become lost and dissolved into other parts of the body.

(Successful group of the Antigens Journey) The struggle was hard pushing through the deep depths of flowing blood, dodging cells and organisms along the way. We realized a path was needed to prevent the infectious bacteria from spreading it’s darkness throughout the body. Following the Femoral Vein upwards seemed like the best idea. As The Antigens began traveling upwards through the thigh, the students could see fat cells and muscle striations and tissue formation as they looked all around. (The Teacher stops everyone) Ok, everyone we have reached the Lower Abdomen area. Here we have the External Iliac Vein. This veins functions is to return deoxygenated blood from the legs and send it back to the heart. It stems from the Poplitear Vein which is from behind the knee and then continues up through the thigh